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Hey. I am new, and I would've e-mailed this to you, but I couldn't find an/the e-mail address to send this through. Sorry. Anyway, I am posting this form, so you know that I read the rules and stuff before joining (I just couldn't find that e-mail).

Name: Anjoli Elizabeth Rowe
Age: 13
State/Country: Maryland/USA
Other Journal: none (just x0_newday_0x)
Interests: figure skating (of course!), singing, cooiking, listening to music, cheerleading, playing guitar, and so many more. LoL.
Do you skate or just watch? I LOVE doing both!
How Long Have you been Skating? Almost 2 years (it'll be 2 years in February)
What level are you? FS4/5 (I have all the requirements for FS5 except the axel, which I am really close to!) ISI
What is your favorite move?
Is there anything else you want me to know? I don't think so, unless there's something that you particularly wanna know. :)
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