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skategrls's Journal

The Skategrls
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This is a community for girls 12-25 who like to figure skate or just watch it.


~~~Please be nice.
~~~Please dont post anything that isnt of a PG-13 rating.
~~~Please keep swearing to a minimum. Its ok only until it becomes so much that the quality of your entries goes down. Dont use th "F" word.
~~~If you personal journal talks about things that dont meet this standard please say so when you submit your joining email. People shouldnt have to stumble on these things if they dont want to.

I think those rules are fair. The point is to enjoy ourselves, not to offend others. If you really have to talk about things that arnt allowed in this community you can do that in other communitys or in you personal journal.

If you want to join email me AS WELL AS submit yourself here. When you email copy, paste and fill in this survey:

Other Journal:
Do you skate or just watch?
How Long Have you been Skating?
What level are you?
What is your favorite move?
Is there anything else you want me to know?

Then Ill post that for you. You can the begin posting....